Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer 2012: Korea Baby~

Summer of 2012! A week in Korea and I had a blast! So much to share with you guys but some of my pictures are missing :( but here are the rest that I have found :)

Cream filled desserts that are made in this hot stone shaping machine that bakes these "Manjoo" in seconds!
In Korea, you literally walk EVERYWHERE. Unless you take the subway, bus, or taxi for far away travels.
Hot Stone Pot Restaurant where the food stays hot in the steaming hot stone bowl. 
Yes. Muffins. With exotic flavors, I chose three. Green Tea Apple, Mango, and Real Cran Berry Muffins. At the Manoffin Gallery Cafe in the underground subway station!
Real Cran Berry Muffin
Mango Muffin
Tallest soft ice cream i ever saw. Strawberry w/ chocolate and blueberry w/ vanilla yogurt!
Korean Pizza Hut! Hawaii pizza :)
Ah yes. Paris Baguette is Korea's famous  Korean-French bakery, where they sell many fresh breads and pastries.
Waffle and strawberry sundae dessert!
Waffle and ice cream dessert.

These beautiful pieces are found in the National Museum of Korea. The one on the right, if you're wondering, if a gold headpiece that the ancient queen wore on her wedding days.

These two photos above are from a temple (sorry don't know what it's called!) where when it rains, it creates a waterfall that has natural clean drinking water that you can drink right out of a huge purifying stone bowl!
Went to explore Lotte World. Somewhere that is similar to Disney Land  but has indoor/outdoor  parades, ice skating, and even rollor coasters!
Pretty picture right? Yes. I took this photo :P

Went to an Aquarium 
This river is a major tourist attraction in Korea and it runs all the way to the Yellow Sea. Its even more magical during the night. Perfect for romancing (I saw many couples while taking a stroll).
I got a chance to explore an ancient old palace where kings and queens used to live in!
Just me and my sister in front of short green doors (me on the right side).
Giant Forever 21 clothing store?? I just died and gone to heaven..
The famous Namsan Tower! So tall that you can acually see it popping out of the mountain trees!
At first, I thought these were Christmas trees. Turns out, they were a tree made of locks and papers! These aren't just any locks and papers, these are wishes that people have wrote on with their true love and locked it onto the tree <3
Another wishing lock statue
On top of the Namsan Tower and i can basically see the entire land of Korea!
Outdoor water fun!

Well I had more pictures but disappointingly I have lost them :'( I had a ton of fun in Korea and I can not believe my summer vacation is almost over! School will start anew and I will soon be moving to my new high school as a freshman. Woo Hoo! Hope you liked viewing and learning some facts about Korea! 

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