Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vanilla Cake w/ Piped Rose

WOW! I cannot believe that I made such a beautiful cake! This accomplishment is very exciting for me because this wonderful cake is proof that I have improved from last year. When I was presenting this  vanilla rainbow cake to my classmates, they were stunned by how beautiful it look :) To make this, all you need is a box of your favorite vanilla cake mix and prepare it. After you are done mixing everything from the directions on the box, all you have to do is divide the batter equally into four bowls. Then using red, orange, yellow, and green food color, mix each color in the four bowls. Bake one colored batter at a time (lowering the baking time). After you are done baking the four different layers, spread vanilla icing in between each layer. Then surround the top and sides with the remaining vanilla icing. Decorate is desired. Instructions for the piped rose is in this link here. Enjoy! Feel free to follow be and post a comment :)

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